Lovely family

I’ve chosen to write in this blog about reality, not only the happy times, but also the things that go wrong and the problems we have to deal with. Today, this week actually, was not easy. Today we had to say goodbye to my lovely grandfather.

As I always like to say, it’s good to find the positive things, even when life doesn’t feel very good. Today, that was a little hard to do. We had the funeral of my grandfather. I’m not going to make this a story about the funeral, but there’s a few things I would like to share with you, the readers of this blog.

– ◊ –

In times like this, it’s good to think about the memories we made with our family and especially with our grandfather, who we called ‘Peetje’. My grandfather was a quiet, sweet and loving person. The memories I have of him are mostly of him enjoying in silence. My grandmother is a very talkative person (now you know how I became like that), so I think my grandfather learned to let her do the talking, because, let’s be honest, there’s no getting in between her stories.

– ◊ –

My grandfather loved music. I remember him putting on some music in the living room and then silently enjoying it, or maybe humming along with the music, often with his eyes closed or a modest smile on his face. Mostly classical songs and he always said to me, as a young ballerina, I had to know my classics. That’s why he gave me my first cd of classical music, by André Rieu, when I was 7 years old.

– ◊ –

There’s a lot of things our grandfather has taught us. His love for animals, his love for traveling, his love for photography. Each of these interests are found in one of his (grand)children. But the thing I remember most of all, the thing I will always remember as one of his biggest qualities, is his eternal love for my grandmother.
Sometimes, when you walk on the street, you see an old couple holding hands, looking at each other in a way only elderly couples can. Well, my grandparents were that couple. ‘Peetje’ was so sweet for my grandmother and I always hoped that, one day, I would have a man loving me, like he loved my grandmother. Even when he was already sick, when he was in a nursing home, he still looked at her with love in his eyes. When she passed him by, he would take her hand, give her a kiss and even when it was getting harder to talk, he would tell her that he loved her. They stayed together until his last breath. My grandmother held him in her arms and I really do believe he felt that. He felt he was in a good place, with the perfect person close to him.
Isn’t that just the most beautiful thing in the world?

– ◊ –

Today it was important to think about the beautiful moments we had with our grandfather. And we did. A lot of memories came back and we had a laugh and a cry, but most important of all, we were a warm and loving family, we will always be. I feel lucky to have a family like this.

– ◊ –

Thank you, Peetje, you rock.

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