Yoga time.

It’s been a pretty busy time in school lately. There’s a lot of side activities, but also a lot of subject matter we have to deal with before Easter. Some of the kids really take up a lot of my attention and time and I always try to do the best I can for every kid in my class, but that’s not easy. So lately I’ve been feeling a little stressed out and I needed something to calm down and to relax.

I’ve been doing yoga for a while now, but sometimes I don’t find the motivation to get on my mat and just do it. So it’s been a while since I enjoyed a nice yoga session. Lately, with school being busy, it’s like my body has been screaming for another yoga session. The whole week it felt like all of my muscles were sore and even my back was hurting me. I just had to get my whole body in place again.

– ◊ –

So I found the motivation to do some yoga again. It felt great. I started out with an easy, calm stretching yoga and then moved on to something more powerful. To end, I just sort of let my body decide which part needed to be stretched. I already know I will be sore tomorrow, but it’s better to be sore from doing yoga, instead of being sore from sitting at my desk and in front of my computer all the time, right?

– ◊ –

When I do yoga, I mostly use Youtube to find a good yoga session. Where I used to just search something that looked good, I now always use the videos of “Yoga with Adriene”. She has this nice way of explaining stuff, without talking too much. She has a nice, relaxing voice, without taking herself too seriously. She made a few playlists, so it’s easy to find the perfect video for my mood that day. Oh, and she has a dog. Dog people are awesome.

– ◊ –


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