Thank you

As I told you before, I always try to be positive in life. I’ll be honest, that’s not always easy. But I sincerely believe that we have our happiness in our own hands. It’s not just reacting to situations, it’s a way of living and everybody can learn how to do this. I’ve always been a positive person, even when I was a kid. Today I would like to tell you how I became such a positive minded girl.

When I was a little girl, I grew up in a fantastic family. My parents were not the kind of people to spoil me with everything I wanted. Me and my brother learned that it’s better to long for something you want, because we would appreciate it even more when we got it. We also learned to appreciate the little things in life and to not be bummed out whenever something bad happened. There was no drama when we grew up. If we fell down, my parents would always look at me, not make a big fuzz about it and push me back outdoors to go and continue to play.

– ◊ –

There was another thing my parents used to do, that I still try to do sometimes, and I actually do believe that’s what made me a positive and happy little girl. When we had to go to bed, my parents would always come for a good night kiss and they said “Thank you for ….” And we had to say “this beautiful day”. After that we said “and it was a good day” together. My parents taught me to think about the good things that happened that day, at the end of every day.

– ◊ –

Now I’m all grown up, or at least I like to think so, and I still do this sometimes. At the end of the day, I try to think of the good things that day brought me. It makes me realize there’s a good thing in every day. I truly believe this is how you can be happy. If you focus on the good things in life, the good things in every day, it’s easier to fall asleep, it’s easier to let go of the problems or situations you had to deal with. If you think of something that made you laugh, something that made you happy, someone who made you happy, you can fall asleep with a smile on your face and isn’t that what makes life beautiful?

– ◊ –

Who else has a trick to be positive in life? Something small you do every day? Let me know! Can’t wait!


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