Chase your dreams

Sometimes I find it hard to accept my life as it is right now. My biggest dream is to move to another country, with more sun, beach, palm trees and chill times. I have the great luck to have a boyfriend who shares this dream with me. But even though I dream about this every day, it seems such a big step to actually do it.

Not only would I leave my friends and family behind, but I would also have to quit my job and find something else to do. There’s so much practical stuff I think about, that it seems like an enormous mountain I just can not get over. I wish it was easier. I wish I could just say “f*ck it all, let’s go”, but it’s so much more difficult than this.

– ◊ –

The easiest way of dealing with this problem is going on trips. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Australia next year, but unfortunately we can not just leave. We have our jobs and our house to think about and since I really love my job, I would hate to lose it, just because I want to go on a trip. If we go to Australia, it has to be worth it. For us, that’s the other side of the world, so we can not just go there for a week or 2.

– ◊ –

I know this decision should be easy to make. My job will still be here when we come back. They will still need teachers in Belgium when we come back. But I know, somewhere in my mind, that it will be very difficult to go back to this daily life. I fear that my dream to move away from Belgium will only get bigger if we take this trip. But I don’t know if I’m ready for that.

– ◊ –

There’s so much people telling you what to do in life. You know, the typical ‘buy a house, have children, be married, be happy’- kind of stuff. I already have a very nice job here, why would I want to throw that away? But you know what, maybe we should just do what makes us happy and let the flow of life get to us? You know, let’s pack our bags and go. We’ll see what happens.

– ◊ –

Not so much positivism in this post, but it’s what’s going on in my mind right now and I just had to write it down. Who knows what I’m talking about? What do you think about it? Life is short, right? Should we chose for the easy, safe life or should we just take the plunge? Let’s hear your thoughts!


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