As I already told you in a previous post, I have a few days off. As a very welcome extra, my boyfriend got some days off at the same time. Perfect time to have some quality time. Although most of this time contains hanging in the couch, watching Netflix, it’s the perfect opportunity to chill with some friends too.

One of my best friends lives in Ghent, which is not that far from Bruges, but it did change the way we meet. Where we used to see each other a few times a week, now we have to make the time to meet and mostly have to settle a date in advance. We have the great luck that our boyfriends get along very well too, so it’s always nice to do something with the four of us. My friend and her boyfriend have the same dreams and view on life as us. So when we meet, there’s never a dull moment.

– ◊ –

Yesterday all four of us were free, so we decided to have a nice day at the beach together. Don’t get me wrong, we still live in Belgium and it’s still winter here, so we headed out to the beach for a nice winter walk. Wearing scarves, hats, gloves and a cosy winter coat, we had a nice walk with our dog. We went to Cadzand, which is actually in the Netherlands, but it was really cold.

– ◊ –

Even though it’s still winter and I do prefer the sun, I love a walk on the beach. There’s no better way to be relaxed and to talk about what makes us happy, to talk about our worries or just to have some fun. It’s like all of our worries fly away with the wind. The sound of the waves, the wind in our hairs, our dog running back and forth, what a great way to spend our day together.

– ◊ –

So, Anne and Christophe, thank you for the lovely day yesterday. It’s like we got to reload our batteries and it’s always lovely to talk about our dreams with you guys. Now, this is what makes me happy!

x. Flore

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