Here’s another story of a little thing that makes me happy. My boyfriend and I have a very different working schedule, so when we are home together, we mostly take some quality time, instead of doing the normal house chores. This sometimes results in a chaotic life. But every few months, we get the feeling like we have everything together. This is how.

We live very close to a supermarket. So when we need something, it’s very easy to just go and get it. We don’t really plan ahead and this results in going to the store on a daily basis. There’s not a big provision of food and other stuff in our closet, so sometimes we end up having something short when we want to cook.

– ◊ –

However, every few months, we go to another supermarket, that has a bigger choice of things. Yesterday was one of these days. We went to the store and walked around, with no idea what we needed. We did make a list though, but as expected, we didn’t use it (we did bring it with us, which was already a surprise). So we just walk through all the aisles and throw everything we want in our shopping cart. It’s not until we arrive at the cash register, we realize how much stuff we bought. Suddenly we realize we probably bought way to much things and we can only hope we will be able to eat everything before it turns bad.

– ◊ –

When we get to the car, it’s like a puzzle to get everything in. This is the part where I feel really happy. Like, happy as a child in a candy store. My boyfriend just smiles when I start to jump around and actually clapping my hands, when I see how much delightful things we will be eating the next weeks.

– ◊ –

Once we get home, the sorting out starts. Where will we put everything?! So together as a team, my boyfriend hands over everything to me, so I can put it in the right place. After this is finished, I just look at it all and I smile. How awesome are we?! This always feels like an accomplishment. Like, look how grown up we are!

– ◊ –

Someone else who feels as happy as me when they do real adult things?

x. Flore

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