On Thursday we went ice skating with all the kids in school. As a very welcome pause, we do this every year, somewhere in February. The whole school gets on the bus, packed with gloves, a small paper with their shoe size on, hats, scarves and a lot of excitement. A lot of excitement I tell you.

When we get there, chaos breaks loose. There’s about 130 kids who need ice skates, but more than half of them, can’t get their own shoe laces open, let alone get into the skates, and don’t even think about tying the laces of their skates. So the teachers have to line up and help all the kids A.S.A.P. because patience is totally non-existent at this moment.

– ◊ –

When we finally manage to get all the kids on the ice, some of us have a go on the ice too. To be honest, there’s not a lot of relaxed skating involved here. We give a hand to the helpless kids on the ice and try to get them around. After 1 round, our backs and feet are hurting, our fingers are jammed, because of the panicking child. But when you see the joy on the kid’s face, the pride because it got to ‘skate’ a whole round, it’s totally worth it.

– ◊ –

So after a while I took the time to stand on the side and watch the kids have fun. And to be honest, it made me smile, it made me feel happy. All these kids trying the best they can, falling down, getting up again, and again and again and again. But they are still having so much fun. Each time some of the kids pass me by, they yell my name and they wave at me. Some of them going really hard, some of them more ‘walking’ on the ice instead of skating, some of them falling down because they were looking at me instead of the ice. But even when they fell down, they were smiling and waving at me, on their knees on the ice. Some of them even yelling ‘this is only the 10th time I fell down! That’s good, right?’.

– ◊ –

Isn’t this just great? This untroubled way of enjoying their ‘here and now’? They didn’t have any worries besides trying to make another round on the ice. They were wet and cold, but didn’t feel it, didn’t think of getting sick, the only thing they worried about was how many rounds they had and how many times they fell down.
Wouldn’t it be great to feel like this again? No worries on your mind, not thinking about any consequences. This is why I love my job. It’s so easy being happy around kids, if you just let their happiness shine on you.

x. Flore

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