As I already told you in a previous post, I have a few days off. As a very welcome extra, my boyfriend got some days off at the same time. Perfect time to have some quality time. Although most of this time contains hanging in the couch, watching Netflix, it’s the perfect opportunity to chill with some friends too. Continue reading


Yesterday holidays started. Needless to say I was pretty happy. It’s a lovely thing to be a teacher, as I have told before. But it does get very exhausting sometimes. The kids need you to give them all of your energy and that always gets to me. In the days before school ends, I start feeling kind of sick. And on my first day off, I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. Continue reading


Here’s another story of a little thing that makes me happy. My boyfriend and I have a very different working schedule, so when we are home together, we mostly take some quality time, instead of doing the normal house chores. This sometimes results in a chaotic life. But every few months, we get the feeling like we have everything together. This is how. Continue reading