Let’s get fit!

I love sports. I’ve always done something. I used to dance, I’ve been going to a Zumba-class, I’ve been going to the gym and now I’m into karate. It’s awesome to do and it takes a lot of endurance, but sometimes I feel like my body is not strong enough to do it. So I’ve decided I should do something more, to get more power in my legs and arms.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to have very obvious muscles, I just need to get a little stronger, so my opponent feels more than just a gentle caress when I try to do something. If my body changes in the process, it’s only a surplus. You know, we all have some parts that could be a little tighter…

– ◊ –

But as I like to say, it’s important to start with (very) small steps. So instead of letting myself go at the store to buy a collection of cute workout clothes I might never wear again (unless when I’m hanging in the couch, watching Netflix), I’ve decided to make a workout scheme for this month. If I can hold on to this scheme and I continue next month, I will allow myself to go get those awesome cute workout clothes. But for now, the old ones will have to do.

– ◊ –

So I started with picking 6 exercises. I will try to do these every 2 days and every time a little more or a little longer. Based on the new trend of ‘bullet journal’ and the wonderful world of Pinterest, I got myself a clear plan. Oh, and I convinced my boyfriend to participate and do the same thing.

– ◊ –

Let’s see if we can hold on to our intentions. If not, well, at least I had a lot of fun making this workout tracker.

x. Flore


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