It’s important to be happy with the little things in life. That is, I believe, the key to happiness. Yesterday I noticed I do not only believe in this, but it’s actually working for me. Here’s what happened.

In Belgium there’s a very long period of dark and grey days. And this month is showing us how dark and grey it can actually be. I don’t think we had more than 1 hour of sun in January. But yesterday, around noon, the sun came out. During my lunch break, I went home to my dog and as I was riding my bike home, the sun was shining on my face. Immediately I started to slow down, to really enjoy my short ride home. The sun on my face was exactly what I needed on a Friday, so close to the weekend, but after a busy week in school.
I came home, let my dog out and went outside with her. Our chairs and our table are in the garage, because of the wind. But I was so happy to see the sun, I just sat down on the ground, with my jacket on (it was only 6°C), next to my dog. And there I sat, with my eyes closed, taking up all the sun I possibly could.

– ◊ –

I felt so happy. Instantly, I forgot all of my worries. I had kind of a rough week, dreaming about traveling, worrying about the kids in my class, … But while I was sitting there, all I could do was smile. The sun was out! I couldn’t believe it and I knew it could be gone in a minute. So I had to take up all the energy I could. I even ate outside, sitting on the ground, with my face in the sun.

When I had to go back to school, I drove slowly again. The moment I got to school, I went to some of my colleagues and couldn’t say anything but ‘the sun is out! The sun is out!’. Nothing could screw up my day. Even though I had still some hours left in school, my weekend couldn’t start any better.

– ◊ –

And that, people, is how I hope some others felt too. This short period of sun made me so happy.  It’s so important to be able to be happy about a little thing like this. To me it didn’t feel little, it felt like the sun could solve all of my problems. I felt like I could take on the whole world.
Oh, sun, come back soon, please?

x. Flore

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