Labels everywhere

For the people who don’t know me, I’m chaotic. I can’t focus on just one thing and I like to be busy. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s necessary to be organized. Up until now I manage to organize the chaos in my head. Now all I need to do, is finding a way to organize all of my stuff.

As I like to say to others, it’s important to take small steps. So I followed my own advice, and started with looking into my closet and form an idea of how much stuff I have. If there are other teachers reading this, you know what I mean if I say teachers like to collect just about everything. “It might be useful one day…”  This results in a huge collection of craft supplies, books, workbooks for kids, … Because, you never know. It’s always the same! The moment you decide to throw it away, you’ll need it the next day.

– ◊ –

Next small step in this process, was going to the store and buy storage boxes that come in all sizes. I could totally imagine my stuff being organized in all kind of boxes, neat and clean. The week before, I bought a label maker. This is probably every teacher’s dream.

So when I got home, I started putting stuff in boxes. Checking what would go together, what fits in the boxes, … And then putting a label on it. Labels everywhere: ‘magnets’, ‘writing blocks’, ‘empty binders’, ‘party supplies’, and so on and so on.

– ◊ –

So there I am, proud of myself. Totally organized, full boxes, labels everywhere, I’ve got this. Unfortunately, the floor is still full of ‘other’ stuff, things that don’t really go with other things or  that are just a weird size so they don’t fit in any of the boxes I bought. So… Chaotic as I am, I couldn’t decide what to do with these things, so I kind of just shoved them between the boxes, in front of the boxes, behind the boxes, …

– ◊ –

Well, basically, everything is chaotic again and I can’t find anything. I don’t know which box I used for what, my labels are not obvious enough (e.g. craft supplies, office supplies, …) and all of the other things are in my way to get the boxes out. Whatever, I’ll do it another time!

x. Flore

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