Every year some people decide to challenge themselves. 30 days without alcohol, 30 days without meat, … And I think that’s awesome. It’s good to challenge yourself. But you have to make sure it’s a real challenge. It has to be hard to hold on to your promise. So some people in Belgium started a new challenge: 30 days without complaining. Now, THAT’s a challenge!

When I look at some people around me, I notice complaining is such an easy way of starting a conversation. So when people ask how’s it going, it’s so easy to say something like: well, busy at work, the kids are taking up all of my time, there’s so much to do at home, it’s cold outside, … How many times have you had people answering ‘OMG, everything is going great, I’m so happy right now, I love my job, life is treating me well’ ? Even though it would be really interesting to ask those people what it is that makes them happy. Maybe you could get inspired!

– ◊ –

So I think 30 days without complaining is probably the biggest challenge ever. You know, alcohol can be replaced by soda, meat can be replaced by tofu and veggie burgers, but how do you replace complaining? Some people actually have no idea how to have a decent conversation without complaining about, well, anything… And you know what? Complaining takes up so much time and energy. It must be exhausting at the end of the day. Imagine laying in your bed and thinking about your day. All you did was complaining. Well, life must feel like shit.
Maybe you can try to replace your complaining with compliments and telling funny stories instead!

– ◊ –

So again, I think it’s more important to start with small steps. Try to go just 1 day (!) without complaining and think about it at the end of your day. How did you feel? Didn’t life feel much lighter and better? Tell me if you tried and how you experienced it! If it went well, you can add an extra day to your challenge! Let’s spread the good vibes, people!

X. Flore


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