Yoga time.

It’s been a pretty busy time in school lately. There’s a lot of side activities, but also a lot of subject matter we have to deal with before Easter. Some of the kids really take up a lot of my attention and time and I always try to do the best I can for every kid in my class, but that’s not easy. So lately I’ve been feeling a little stressed out and I needed something to calm down and to relax. Continue reading

Australia, mate!

A few posts ago, I told you about my decision to go to Australia. I needed permission from school (my job) to leave my job for a while. For me, it was a big decision, because it’s unpaid, and you know, life is quite expensive… Don’t we all? But I took the risk and applied my request… Continue reading

Thank you

As I told you before, I always try to be positive in life. I’ll be honest, that’s not always easy. But I sincerely believe that we have our happiness in our own hands. It’s not just reacting to situations, it’s a way of living and everybody can learn how to do this. I’ve always been a positive person, even when I was a kid. Today I would like to tell you how I became such a positive minded girl. Continue reading


As I already told you in a previous post, I have a few days off. As a very welcome extra, my boyfriend got some days off at the same time. Perfect time to have some quality time. Although most of this time contains hanging in the couch, watching Netflix, it’s the perfect opportunity to chill with some friends too. Continue reading


Yesterday holidays started. Needless to say I was pretty happy. It’s a lovely thing to be a teacher, as I have told before. But it does get very exhausting sometimes. The kids need you to give them all of your energy and that always gets to me. In the days before school ends, I start feeling kind of sick. And on my first day off, I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. Continue reading


Here’s another story of a little thing that makes me happy. My boyfriend and I have a very different working schedule, so when we are home together, we mostly take some quality time, instead of doing the normal house chores. This sometimes results in a chaotic life. But every few months, we get the feeling like we have everything together. This is how. Continue reading